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natural gas explorationg?s natural (explora??o)
natural gas extractionextrac??o de g?s natural
natural hazardperigos naturais
natural heritagepatrim?nio natural
natural heritage assessmentpatrim?nio natural (avalia??o)
natural language processingprocessamento de linguagem natural
natural materialprodutos naturais
natural monumentmonumentos naturais
natural numbern?mero natural
natural parkparque natural
natural radioactivityradioactividade natural
natural regenerationregenera??o natural
natural resourcerecursos naturais
natural resource conservationrecursos naturais (conserva??o)
natural riskriscos naturais
natural risk analysisriscos naturais (an?lise)
natural risks preventionpreven??o de riscos naturais
natural scenerypaisagens naturais cen?rio natural
natural scienceci?ncias naturais
natural selectionsele??o natural
natural stonepedras preciosas
natural valuevalor natural