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united arab emiratescat?gorie ?mirats arabes unis
united arab republicr?publique arabe unie
united kingdomroyaume-uni (m) royaume-uni de grande-bretagne et d'irlande du nord (m)
united kingdomroyaume-uni
united kingdomcat?gorie royaume-uni
united kingdom uk u.k. britain united kingdomofgreatbritainandnorthernireland greatbritain country britain
united kingdom united kingdom of great britain and northern ireland ukroyaume-uni royaume-uni de grande-bretagne et d'irlande du nord
united nationsorganisation des nations unies
united nationscat?gorie organisation des nations unies
united nations children's fundunicef
united states?tats-unis
united states?tats-unis
united statescat?gorie ?tats-unis
united states air forceunited states air force
united states congresscongr?s des ?tats-unis
united states constitutionconstitution des ?tats-unis d'am?rique
united states dollardollar am?ricain
united states house of representativeschambre des repr?sentants des ?tats-unis
united states military academyacad?mie militaire de west point
united states navyunited states navy
united states of america?tats-unis d'am?rique (m) (m) ?-u
united states senates?nat des ?tats-unis