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illnessmaladie (f)
image art image
image classificationclassification d'image
image enhancementam?lioration de l'image
image filteringfiltrage d'image
image processing digital systemsyst?me num?rique de traitement d'images
image registrationenregistrement d'images
image scannernum?riseur de document
imco codecodification omci
imf international monetary fundfonds mon?taire international fmi
imitate copy simulate verb imiter
immanuel kantemmanuel kant
immediately instantly straightaway straightoff directly now rightaway atonce forthwith likeashot adverb imm?diatement
immission controlcontr?le des immisions
immission control lawloi de contr?le des immissions
immission damaged?g?t d'immission
immission forecastpr?visions des immissions
immission limitlimitation des immissions
immission loadcharge d'immission