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wages reward payoff society pago recompensa
waitesperar; aguardar
wait holdoff holdback verb esperar
waitercamarero (m) (especially spain), garz?n (m) (chile), mesero (m) (caribbean islands'colombia'central america'ecuador'mexico), mesonero (m) (venezuela), mozo (m) (argentina'bolivia'chile'paraguay'peru'uruguay)
waitercamarero mesero
wake updespertarse
walesgales; pa?s de gales (m)
walespa?s de gales
walkcaminar; andar
walk verb andar caminar
wallmuro (m); muralla (f)
wall house muro pared tabique
wallis and futuna territory of the wallis and futuna islandswallis y futuna
walloon walloonval?n
walrusmorsa (f)
wantquerer; desear
warguerra (f)
war stateofwar society guerra