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pacific oceanoc?ano pac?fico (m)
pacific oceanoc?ano pac?fico oc?ano pac?fico oc?ano pac?fico
package bundle packet parcel object bulto l?o paquete
packagingembalajes embalaje
packaging wasteresiduos de embalaje residuo de embalaje
packing industryindustria de embalaje
pagep?gina (f)
page object p?gina hoja
paindolor (m)
pain hurting medicine dolor
paintpintura (f)
paint pigment art pintura
paint roomsala de pintura
paint shoptaller de pintura tienda de pintura
painterpintor (m)
painting businessempresa de pintura
painting picture art cuadro pintura
pakistanpakist?n (m); paquist?n (m)