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ee-mail (f) mail (f)
e (mathematical constant)eulersche zahl
e. t. a. hoffmanne. t. a. hoffmann
e.g.z. b. (zum beispiel)
eachalle jeder
each adjective jede jeder jedes
eagleadler (m) aar (m) (poetic)
eagleadler (biologie)
eagle owluhu (m) uhum?nnchen (n) uhuweibchen (n) uhuk?ken (n) uhubaby (n) schuhu (m)
earohr (n)
ear anatomy ohr
eared sealohrenrobben
earless sealhundsrobben
earlier before adverb ehe vor
early adjective fr?h
early warning systemfr?hwarnsystem
earlyon early adverb fr?h
eartherde (f)