Katzeng'schrei (Caterwauling)

500 g Cooked soup meat [beef] (a

-generous pound) 4 Eggs

1 tb Lard

Salt 1 Onion

Finely dice onions and brown in fat until golden. Cut the cold, cooked beef into small pieces, mix with the lightly beaten eggs and salt and add to the onions, and fry. Serves 4. Serve with cranberries and green salad [lettuce]. This is traditional Monday fare in Swabia. From: D'SCHWAEBISCH' KUCHE by Aegidius Kolb and Leonhard Lidel, Allgaeuer Zeitungsverlag, Kempten. 1976 (Translation/Conversion: Karin Brewer) Posted by: Karin Brewer, Cooking Echo, 8/92

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