Ham with Cranberry Cornbread Stuffing

1/4 c Butter

1/2 c Onion -- minced

1/4 c Celery -- minced

1/2 ts Mustard, dry

Salt & pepper -- to taste 1/2 c Cranberry sauce, whole berry

4 c Cornbread, corn muffin or

-johnnycake crumbs 5 lb Ham, smoked ,boned & rolled

-NOT A READY TO SERVE HAM -----GLAZE----- 1/2 c Karo, light

1 tb Lemon juice

1 c Cranberry sauce, whole berry

In a large skillet, melt butter; add onion and celery; cook lightly add mustard, salt and pepper, the cranberry sauce and lemon juice. Mix well; add crumbs; mix very well. Untie the ham; stuff with cranberry mixture; re-roll; tie up again; place in a roasting pan, lightly sprayed with non-stick vegetable cooking spray, fat side up. Preheat oven to 350F. Bake for 30 minutes per pound or, until a meat thermometer registers to 160F. In a small saucepan, blend and warm glaze ingredients. After 1- 1/2 hours of baking time, remove rind if necessary; brush surfaces of ham with warm glaze; return to oven; repeat glazing several times during remainder of baking time. Makes 10 servings. **NOTE** Stuffing can be used for pork tenderloin or thick pork chops as well. Origin: Appeal, Winter/91 Submitted By SAM WARING <SAM.WARING@382-91-12.IMA.INFOMAIL.COM> On MON, 20 NOV 1995 145958 GMT

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