Garden Herb Bread

-MARILYN SULTAR FJVS25A --------------------------------REGULAR LOAF-------------------------------- 2 c White Bread Flour

1 tb Dry Milk

1 tb Sugar

1 ts Salt

1 ts Chives

1 ts Marjoram

1 ts Thyme

1/2 ts Basil

1 tb Butter

3/4 c Water

1 ts FAST RISE Yeast OR

2 ts ACTIVE DRY Yeast

--------------------------LARGE LOAF (12 SERVINGS-------------------------- 3 c White Bread Flour

2 tb Dry Milk

2 tb Sugar

1 1/2 ts Salt

1/2 tb Chives

1/2 tb Margoram

1/2 tb Thyme

1 ts Basil

2 tb Butter

1 1/4 c Water

2 ts FAST RISE Yeast OR

3 ts DRY ACTIVE Yeast

NOTE: I rewrote the recipe to follow order of my machine. It works wonderfully in my Panasonic. This bread tastes like stuffing! It is WONDERFUL!!!! Here are some hints from the book: 1. Use dried herbs that are flaked and not ground. If using ground, reduce the amt. by half. If using fresh herbs, double the recipe. 2. This recipe can be made with the regular, rapid, or delayed time

bake cycles. This recipes comes from "Bread Electric" from the Innovative Cooking Enterprises. I make the regular size loaf in my machine. Marilyn Sultar

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