Auntie Ruth's Wash Day Beans***(Njmh36b)

1 x Canned tomatoes

1 x Clove garlic -- finely chopped

1 x Ham bone

1 x Onion -- sliced or chopped

1 x Worcestershire sauce

This recipe for "Auntie Ruth's Wash Day beans***(NJMH36B) should appeal to many on the Forum and is a very flexible recipe. By trial & error you can fix the amounts of each ingredient to suit your own taste. Wash dried beans (my family likes baby limas or navy) Cook according to package directions. Then add: Simmer all day, adjusting ingredients to taste. Serve with chopped onions and corn bread for toppings. Nothing fancy-just Midwest good! FROM: ALICE JOHNSON (NJMH36B)

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