Aji De Carne[Bolivian Peppery Pork with Banana] Lf

1 teaspoon Olive oil -- light

1 cup sweet onion -- chopped

3 each green onions -- chopped, or more

sweet onion -- chopped 1 tablespoon minced garlic -- or less

8 ounces boneless pork top loin -- cut in 1/2" cubes

1 1/2 cups chopped tomato -- your choice

1/4 teaspoon Saffron

1/4 teaspoon salt -- optional

1/4 teaspoon black pepper -- freshly ground

1 tablespoon aji chile powder -- or substitute

New Mexican -- such as Chimayo 1 small havana / habenero Chili pepper -- optional

ground cloves -- scant measure 1/8 teaspoon ground Cinnamon -- or more

3/4 cup lowfat chicken broth -- or more

annato seeds, ground -- optional 4 small russet potatoes -- scrubbed and cut

2 green bananas -- peel and 2" pieces

1/4 cup seltzer water -- mixed with

4 tablespoons nonfat dry milk powder

1/2 teaspoon coconut extract

1 tablespoon Molasses -- or to taste

1 tablespoon lowfat peanut butter

4 tortillas -- warmed

2 cups mixed salad greens -- with

shredded red cabbage

Heat the oil in a Dutch oven casserole and saute the onions until almost soft. Add the garlic and cook until onions are soft. Add. Add the pork, a few pieces at a time, and brown (char a little). Add the tomatoes, saffron, salt (if needed), black pepper, chile, cinnamon, cloves, and broth and optional annato. Bring to a boil, reduce the heat, cover and simmer for 40 to 50 mins.

Add the potatoes and continue to cook until the potatoes are done, about 30 minutes. Add the bananas *before* the potatoes are done but the bananas need about 10 mins at most. Make a well and tilt the pan so that the liquids pool. Pour the sauce ingredients gently combine; simmer until heated through, taking care that the "cream" does not boil. Serve immediately with warmed tortillas and mixed salad greens, undressed or a little lemon-lime juice.

Source: Chile Pepper Magazine Presents "Hot and Spicy Latin Dishes" a collection. Also appeared in the Chile Pepper Magazine, April 1995. Kathy Meade's Collection, sent to McRecipe list on 4/21/97. Pat reduced fat and tested 4/23/97. Heat Scale: Medium. Sweet-heat. Serve to guests with a salad and a slaw; chillled fruit and a little corn pudding.

MasterCook estimates: With boneless pork top loin: 413 cals, 8.4 g fat, 17.3% CFF With boneless pork center rib: 486 cals, 14.5 g fat, 25.7% CFF With boneless country style ribs: 500 cals, 17g fat 29.4% CFF

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